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ACFW Foundation

What is the ACFW Foundation?

The ACFW Foundation was organized as a 501(c)3 in 2008 in order to meet the needs of ACFW members who were financially unable to attend the conference, and also to help ACFW’s local chapters further the education of their members through bringing quality speakers to local-level events. Because the Foundation is a qualifying non-profit organization, all donations are tax deductible.

Since its inception, the Foundation has given multiple scholarships for ACFW members to attend the annual national conference.

How ACFW Foundation has impacted past scholarship recipients, in their own words:

“I was a 2011 scholarship recipient, and while the immediate contacts I made didn’t seem to pan out, this year I was awarded a first-time author contract… which resulted, at least in part from an indirect contact made last year!”

“I was a 2006 scholarship recipient and had I not attended ACFW that year, I wouldn’t have had a vital conversation with my dream agent, one that helped both of us realize misconceptions about my story (on both of our parts) had resulted in a rejection. Through that dinner conversation he invited me to resubmit. . .and four months later, he offered representation.”

“My 2011 ACFW scholarship was God’s way of saying He will never abandon me. That conference filled me with hope and gave me the courage to write the story I was intended to write, a story that has several houses taking notice this year. I’ve learned that true religion is caring for others. Thanks to ACFW for being the hands and feet of Christ.”

“The scholarship I received paved the way for several face-to-face editor appointments I wouldn’t have had otherwise. As a result of one appointment that year, I landed a contract, and I’ve been regularly selling books since.”

“I am a conference scholarship winner. My very first conference, Denver 2004, was the first conference I’d ever gone to; in fact, the first trip of any kind I’d ever taken without my husband. When I was named a double finalist in the Genesis Contest (then called the Noble Theme contest) I drummed up all my courage and applied for a scholarship. I wouldn’t have come if I hadn’t won, money was too tight. I won that contest and that win led very directly to my first contract.”

“In 2009, I had just gone through a very unexpected divorce and didn’t see any way I could make it to conference. What a blessing and honor it was to get a scholarship and see my debut book in the ACFW bookstore right after its release.”


Conference Scholarship Foundation Donations can be made via PayPal by clicking the link below:

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Or checks can be made payable to ACFW Foundation and mailed to:

ACFW Foundation
PO Box 101066
Palm Bay, FL 32910-1066

Receipts for your tax-deductible donations are mailed at year end.

Thank you for supporting our goal of educating writers.