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Chapter Listing

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Questions about ACFW Local Chapters can be directed to the Zone Coordinator, Ane Mulligan, at

  • ACFW Beyond the Borders

    Chapter: Beyond the Borders
    Location: All countries outside the U.S. borders
    Contact: Sara Gofft (Beyond the Borders) 

  • Central

    Chapter: ACFW Kansas City West
    Location: Kansas
    Contact: Sally Bradley (ACFW Kansas City West) 

    Chapter: ACFW MozArks
    Location: Springfield, MO
    Contact: Carol Moncado (ACFW MozArks) 

    Chapter: ACFW Southcentral Kansas
    Location: Southcentral Kansas
    Contact: Larry Timm (ACFW Southcentral Kansas) 

  • Mid-Atlantic

  • Midwest

    Chapter: ACFW Chicago
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Contact: Allie Pleiter (ACFW Chicago) 

    Chapter: ACFW Great Lakes
    Location: Michigan
    Contact: Karin Beery (ACFW Great Lakes) 

    Chapter: ACFW Indiana
    Location: Indiana
    Contact: Christa Plew (ACFW Indiana)  

    Chapter: ACFW Minnesota
    Location: Minneapolis, MN
    Contact: Brenda Anderson (ACFW Minnesota)  

    Chapter: ACFW WI Southeast
    Location: Wisconsin
    Contact: Becky Melby (ACFW WI Southeast) 

  • Northwest

    Chapter: ACFW Idaho
    Location: Boise, ID
    Contact: Becky Lyles (ACFW Idaho)  

    Chapter: ACFW Portland/Vancouver
    Location: Portland, OR
    Contact: Kristen Johnson (ACFW Portland/Vancouver) 

  • Ohio Valley

    Chapter: ACFW Ohio
    Location: Ohio
    Contact: Sharon Lavy (ACFW Ohio) 

  • Rocky Mountains

    Chapter: ACFW Colorado Springs
    Location: Colorado Springs, CO
    Contact: Beth Vogt (ACFW Colorado Springs)  

    Chapter: ACFW Ft. Morgan
    Location: Ft. Morgan, CO
    Contact: Kathy Brasby (ACFW Ft. Morgan) 

    Chapter: ACFW North Denver
    Location: North Denver, CO
    Contact: Jill Hups (ACFW North Denver) 

    Chapter: ACFW South Denver
    Location: South Denver, CO
    Contact: Elaine Clampitt (ACFW South Denver) 

  • Southeast

    Chapter: ACFW Central Florida
    Location: Longwood, FL
    Contact: Kristen Stieffel (ACFW Central Florida) 

    Chapter: ACFW Charlotte
    Location: Charlotte, NC
    Contact: Myra Johnson (ACFW Charlotte) 

    Chapter: ACFW North Georgia
    Location: Atlanta, GA
    Contact: Patty Smith Hall (ACFW North Georgia)  

    Chapter: ACFW South Carolina
    Location: Anderson, SC
    Contact: Elva Martin (ACFW South Carolina) 

  • Southwest

    Chapter: ACFW Alamo City
    Location: San Antonio, TX
    Contact: Allison Pittman (ACFW Alamo City) 

    Chapter: ACFW Arkansas
    Location: Searcy, Arkansas
    Contact: Lisa M. Collins (ACFW Arkansas) 

    Chapter: ACFW Central Texas
    Location: Round Rock, TX
    Contact: Becky Dean (ACFW Central Texas) 

    Chapter: ACFW DFW
    Location: Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
    Contact: Lee Carver (ACFW DFW) 

    Chapter: ACFW Louisiana
    Location: Bossier City, LA
    Contact: Ruthanne Seitz (ACFW Louisiana) 

    Chapter: ACFW Oklahoma City
    Location: Oklahoma City, OK
    Contact: Susan Crawford (ACFW Oklahoma City) 

    Chapter: ACFW The Woodlands
    Location: The Woodlands, TX
    Contact: Lisa Gefrides (ACFW The Woodlands) 

    Chapter: ACFW Tulsa
    Location: Tulsa, OK
    Contact: Angela Trent (ACFW Tulsa)  
    Contact: Kathy Cohea (ACFW Tulsa) 

  • West

    Chapter: ACFW Arizona
    Location: Phoenix, AZ
    Contact: Dana McNeely (ACFW Arizona)  

    Chapter: ACFW San Francisco Bay
    Contact: Marie Sontag (ACFW San Francisco Bay)