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Chapter Listing

Find nearby writers. If there's not a chapter near you (see list below), there's still a place to connect. To see a map of geographic zones and their Facebook links, click here. You can also search for members nearby by using the ACFW Membership Directory.

To see various local chapter events, please go to the News & Events link on the left sidebar.

Questions about ACFW Local Chapters and Facebook Zone Groups can be directed to the Zone Coordinator, Ane Mulligan, at

  • ACFW Beyond the Borders

    Chapter: Beyond the Borders
    Location: All countries outside the U.S. borders
    Contact: Sara Goff (Beyond the Borders) 

  • Central

    Chapter: ACFW Kansas City West
    Location: Kansas
    Contact: Donna Geesey (ACFW Kansas City West) 

    Chapter: ACFW MozArks
    Location: Springfield, MO
    Contact: Carol Moncado (ACFW MozArks) 

    Chapter: ACFW Southcentral Kansas
    Location: Southcentral Kansas
    Contact: Ron Macy (ACFW Southcentral Kansas) 

  • Mid-Atlantic

    Chapter: ACFW Pennsylvania
    Location: Pennsylvania
    Contact: Donna L.H. Smith (ACFW Pennsylvania) 

    Chapter: ACFW Virginia
    Location: Virginia
    Contact: Elizabeth Maddrey (ACFW Virginia) 
    Website: or

  • Midwest

    Chapter: ACFW Chicago
    Location: Chicago, IL
    Contact: Allie Pleiter (ACFW Chicago) 
    Website: or

    Chapter: ACFW Great Lakes
    Location: Michigan
    Contact: Karin Beery (ACFW Great Lakes) 
    Website: https,://

    Chapter: ACFW Indiana
    Location: Indiana
    Contact: Rick Barry (ACFW Indiana)  
    Website: https,://

    Chapter: ACFW Minnesota
    Location: Minneapolis, MN
    Contact: Brenda Anderson (ACFW Minnesota)  

    Chapter: ACFW WI Southeast
    Location: Wisconsin
    Contact: Becky Melby (ACFW WI Southeast) 

  • Northwest

    Chapter: ACFW Portland/Vancouver
    Location: Portland, OR
    Contact: Kristen Johnson (ACFW Portland/Vancouver) 
    Website: https,://

  • Ohio Valley

    Chapter: ACFW Mid-Tennessee
    Location: mid-Tennessee
    Contact: Julie Gwinn (ACFW Mid-Tennessee) 

    Chapter: ACFW Ohio
    Location: Ohio
    Contact: Sharon Lavy (ACFW Ohio) 
    Website: https,://

  • Rocky Mountains

    Chapter: ACFW Colorado Springs
    Location: Colorado Springs, CO
    Contact: Beth Vogt (ACFW Colorado Springs)  
    Website: https,://

    Chapter: ACFW North Denver
    Location: North Denver, CO
    Contact: Bethany Williams (ACFW North Denver) 
    Website: https,://

    Chapter: ACFW South Denver
    Location: South Denver, CO
    Contact: Elaine Clampitt (ACFW South Denver) 
    Website: https,://

  • Southeast

    Chapter: ACFW Central Florida
    Location: Longwood, FL
    Contact: Kristen Stieffel (ACFW Central Florida) 
    Website: https,://

    Chapter: ACFW North Georgia
    Location: Atlanta, GA
    Contact: Patty Smith Hall (ACFW North Georgia)  

    Chapter: ACFW South Carolina
    Location: Anderson, SC
    Contact: Elva Martin (ACFW South Carolina) 

  • Southwest

    Chapter: ACFW Alamo City
    Location: San Antonio, TX
    Contact: Allison Pittman (ACFW Alamo City) 

    Chapter: ACFW Arkansas
    Location: Searcy, Arkansas
    Contact: Jenny Carlisle (ACFW Arkansas) 
    Website: https,://

    Chapter: ACFW Central Texas
    Location: Round Rock, TX
    Contact: Nancy Jill Thames (ACFW Central Texas) 
    Website: https,://

    Chapter: ACFW DFW
    Location: Dallas/Ft. Worth, TX
    Contact: Lee Carver (ACFW DFW) 
    Website: https,://

    Chapter: ACFW Houston
    Location: Houston, Texas
    Contact: Lisa Godfrees (ACFW Houston) 

    Chapter: ACFW Louisiana
    Location: Bossier City, LA
    Contact: Judy Burford (ACFW Louisiana) 
    Website: https,://

    Chapter: ACFW Oklahoma City
    Location: Oklahoma City, OK
    Contact: Susan Crawford (ACFW Oklahoma City) 

    Chapter: ACFW The Woodlands
    Location: The Woodlands, TX
    Contact: Janice Thompson (ACFW The Woodlands) 
    Website: https,://

  • West

    Chapter: ACFW Arizona
    Location: Phoenix, AZ
    Contact: Brenda Poulos (ACFW Arizona)  

    Chapter: ACFW San Francisco Bay
    Contact: Katie Vorreiter (ACFW San Francisco Bay) 
    Website: https,://