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Who We Are 2010

In January of 2010, the ACFW operating board consisted of:
President - Cynthia Ruchti 

Vice-President - Becky Yauger

Membership Officer - Sharon Lavy

Publicity Officer - Angie Breidenbach

Secretary - Danica Favorite-McDonald 

Treasurer - Vickie McDonough

Volunteer Officer - Margaret Daley

Zone Officer - Ane Mulligan

Key Volunteers and Staff for 2010 were:

e-Loop List Hostesses - Georgiana Daniels/Camy Tang 

e-Loop Moderators - Camy Tang/Betsy St. Amant 

ACFW Web Team - Carl Nasal 

Book of the Year Contest - Mindy Obenhaus

Genesis Contest - Camy Tang

Conference Director - Robin Miller

Afictionado Editor- Mike Ehret 

Topic of the Week Coordinator - Syndi Powell

Verse of the Week Coordinator - Martha Rogers 

Author Interview Coordinator - Dineen Miller

New Releases Coordinator - Pam Meyers 
Book Club Coordinator- Nora St. Laurent

In early 2010, the Scholarship Program through the ACFW Scholarship Foundation was announced and 54 applications were received.

In March 2010, Operating Board members and four Advisory Board members traveled to the Hyatt Regency in Indianapolis for their spring meetings. During that time, they were able to inspect the hotel site for the 2010 conference and develop several new programs for ACFW.

Registration for the 2010 national conference opened in June.

In June 2010, at ICRS, ACFW announced a major change to its Book of the Year Contest. In honor of Carol Johnson, a pioneer in Christian fiction, ACFW’s awards for published authors were renamed the Carol Awards.

In July 2010, ACFW launched its Novel Track: Writing program, aimed at helping members achieve their word count goals. Collectively, participants wrote over 1.4 million words in July. The program expanded to Novel Track: Editing in November. Novel Track: Polishing will be added in future months. Running quarterly, each piece of the Novel Track program was designed to help ACFW members write, edit, and submit their books.

On September 17, 2010, the ACFW National Conference opened at the Hyatt Regency in Indianapolis, IN. Bestselling author James Scott Bell gave an early bird seminar designed to help writers take their fiction to the next level. Our keynote speaker was Christy award-winning author Tim Downs, whose message reminded our members of the importance of story.

President Cynthia Ruchti gave the State of ACFW address. She shared the incredible growth of our membership as well as announced our first ever Lifetime Achievement Award, (presented at the awards banquet) to Christian Fiction pioneer Carol Johnson. Additionally, she revealed the new logos and pins for the Carol Award and the Genesis Contest.

ACFW’s Growth over the past year (from the State of ACFW address):
ACFW has grown to over 2200 members with 23 chapters in 15 states, including a beyond-the-borders online chapter. Our conference attendance in 2010 surpassed 620. An estimated one quarter of our members are published in the traditional Christian fiction market. We have so many published authors among us that we now spotlight one Featured Author per week rather than one a month, and even at that can’t keep pace with the growing numbers of accomplished authors. In the past few months, the number of unique visitors to the ACFW website has increased by 1,200 per month with hits increasing by almost 200,000 per month. Our unique database of Christian fiction——averages 1,000 unique visitors each month and 100,000 hits. The ACFW online book club boasts 1,350 members. Our revamped critique group system—Scribes—is a year old and already has 207 members with 23 smaller critique groups formed from that pool. ACFW’s e-zine—Afictionado— shows 1,500 unique visitors each month. We’ve recently introduced genre loops to supplement ACFW’s main e-mail loop. The genre loops offer genre-specific information, research helps, and craft education in addition to what’s available on the main loop.

Sunday’s awards banquet featured a tribute to Christian fiction and Carol Johnson, with a special presentation featuring Janette Oke, the author acquired by Mrs. Johnson, launching Christian fiction as we know it today. Mrs. Johnson remained to help with the presentation of the Carol Awards.

After the awards banquet, past and current winners and finalists of the Carol Award and the Genesis received pins honoring their accomplishment.

Awards Presented include:
Lifetime Achievement Award: Carol Johnson
Mentor of the Year: Susan May Warren

Editor of the Year:  Sue Brower, Zondervan

Agent of the Year: Sandra Bishop

Member Service Award:  Fay Lamb

Click here for the 2010 Genesis Award Winners.

Click here for the 2010 Carol Award Winners.

During the last half of October, nominations for the following board positions of President, Vice President, Publicity Officer and Zone Officer were opened. Elections ran from November 15, 2010 until November 30, 2010.

In December 2010, the newly elected officers were announced:
President: Margaret Daley
Vice-President: Richard L. Mabry, M.D.
Publicity Officer: Kristin Billerbeck
Zone Officer: Eileen Key

To fill the Volunteer Officer position vacated by Margaret Daley on her election to President, the Advisory Board appointed Kim Vogel Sawyer.

The Advisory Board also announced some new positions designed to help ACFW fulfill its mission: To promote Christian fiction through developing the skills of its authors, educating them in the market, and serving as an advocate in the traditional publishing industry. The Advisors appointed Cynthia Ruchti as the Professional Relations Liaison to work toward furthering ACFW’s goals and missions to promote Christian fiction and ACFW relationships within the industry. They also appointed Becky Yauger as Web Manager to coordinate and manage the web site, including Fiction Finder, and updating the information and working with our Webmaster as needed.


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