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ACFW Recognized Publishers

Criteria for ACFW Recognized Publishers

In order to be considered for ACFW's Recognized Publisher List, a publisher must meet the following criteria:

  1. The publisher publishes novels written from a Christian worldview in any Christian fiction genre (i.e. should not contain profanity, graphic sex, gratuitous violence or other objectionable material, and must otherwise conform to generally accepted standards of the CBA.)
  2. All of the publisher’s fiction is Christian, or the publisher has an imprint devoted entirely to Christian fiction (in which case only the imprint will be recognized).
  3. The author must not participate financially in the production or distribution of the book (including a requirement to buy books).
  4. The publisher must pay royalties.
  5. The publisher must have been in business at least one year, and have previously unpublished books of Christian fiction by at least two authors (other than the owners) in print over the past year. The publisher must submit proof of $5000 in gross sales for one book over a twelve-month period.
  6. The publisher's books must show evidence of professional editing and cover art, and the content must reflect biblical principles.

If a book was originally published by a Recognized Publisher, then goes out of print and is republished by the author or some other means, that book is eligible for listing on Fiction Finder.

Applicant must apply at least six weeks prior to the opening date of a contest or the month in which a New Release is announced by ACFW on to allow time for processing.

To apply for ACFW Recognized Publisher status, a representative of the publisher should complete the application found here.

Recertification: Publishers will be asked to complete a brief form each fall to assess their continued compliance with these criteria. A publisher must publish at least two new works of Christian fiction per calendar year to maintain Recognized Publisher status.

Questions can be directed to Casey Miller at

Publishers recognized on this page do not constitute an endorsement from ACFW.

Revised 10-20-2014