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ACFW Conference

Today I head to Dallas for the American Christian Fiction Writers’ National Conference. I am so excited about many aspects of this conference.

First, it’s the only conference that focuses exclusively on fiction. Since that’s what I write, it’s a good place to be.

Second, at it’s opening session last year, I received my very first book contract. I will never forget that experience. And can’t wait to watch someone else get that blessing this year.

Third, God has used the people in ACFW to train me to be a writer. I’d read a ton before joining. I’d even read craft books on how to write. But it was in ACFW that I learned what terms of art like POV (point of view) meant. I still remember going to my first state meeting and wondering at the strange terms I kept hearing. It was like another language.

Fourth, I’m excited to get to serve. This will be my first conference as a national board member. Plus, I will serve as a workshop hostess again and work a shift in the bookstore.

Fifth, I actually get to teach a bit at this conference. I love to teach, so am THRILLED to get to share some of what I’ve learned. One of the times is on a panel with several of my writing buds, so it should be fun.

So if you don’t hear a lot from me this week…you know why. And if you’re interested in following what’s happening at the conference, check out the ACFW Conference blog.

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