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Real in Fiction; Choosing Actual Locations for Your Novels

By Eva Marie Everson Several years ago, after the success of the Potluck books, set in imaginary Summit View, Colorado, my editor and I decided to focus on Southern fiction because y’all, I know the South. My first Southern novels … Continue reading

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Blueprint for Success: Donna Rich

A blueprint works? The bad news: I can’t give you a blueprint. The good news: I can share my experience. Overcome Rejection – I’m not wanted My first rejection came in 1978. I had submitted a nonfiction book to Baker … Continue reading

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Calling all ACFW for extroverts…or extrovert wannabees

You know that talkative personality? The one that drives your friends and family crazy? Did you realize it is a gift? Well it is, and there’s no better place to let that gift shine than at an ACFW conference. I … Continue reading

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Polishing Your Opening Chapters

Are you headed to the ACFW conference or preparing to submit your proposal to an agent and editor? If so, you need to polish those first three chapters until they shine. The synopsis, marketing ideas, platform and bio are important, … Continue reading

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Librarians–Authors’ Best Friends

By Mary Ellis Often writers are curious to learn which marketing and publicity ideas work for other writers and which do not. I, too, am curious about the very same thing. We blog and interview on various blog-sites; we e-mail … Continue reading

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My ACFW Conference Journey

by Gina Conroy Since I started writing fiction seriously and pursuing publication in 2005, I never missed an ACFW conference…except last year. Each year my motivation to attend ACFW was different. Each year I had new goals and dreams. Each … Continue reading

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ACFW Conference Appointments: Ashley Clark

Remember that high school feeling of getting caught talking in class? Maybe it wasn’t your fault. Maybe your friend in the seat beside you wanted to cheat, and you were actually saying, “No, I will not give you my answers,” … Continue reading

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Elevating Your Elevator Pitch

by Janice Thompson You’re wrapping up the best book you’ve ever written. It’s all you can think about. You can’t wait to go to that next conference to meet with an editor or agent. However, you realize that your face … Continue reading

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If it weren’t for writer’s conferences . . .

Maureen Lang I wonder how many authors I know, myself included, would be published today without having been to a writer’s conference? The publishing industry has always been a competitive field. According to one study I read, approximately 80% of … Continue reading

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Headed to Conference? A Tour of St. Louis

 September 22-25 is the American Christian Fiction Writers conference in St. Louis, Missouri. The Hyatt is the smaller building on the left of the Arch. That’s where we’ll be staying. If you walk out the building and turn right it’s … Continue reading

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Genesis Success Stories

Would you believe that around 75 Genesis finalists have gone on to become published–and a number of them multi-published? I thought it might be encouraging to hear from some of these people who have walked where you not-yet-published writers are … Continue reading

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Keep Juggling – Using a Chart to Track Writing Goals

One of the biggest surprises of being published was the juggling act. Before publication, I’d get a story idea, research it, plot it, write it, and edit it. Then I’d start my next project. After my first contract, that all changed. I’m … Continue reading

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Meet Me at Conference — Lena Nelson Dooley

It’s the high point of my year and has been since the first regional conference in Houston before we had national conferences. I was blessed to be one of the speakers at that conference. This is a picture of everyone … Continue reading

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Are You Dancing? Jim Rubart

Are you doing the ACFW conference fence dance? You know, the one where you’re on the fence not sure if you’re coming or not. If you are on the white picket right now, I can relate. I’ve done that rumba. … Continue reading

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The Genesis Contest leads to Publication

Every year I look forward to September and the ACFW conference. It’s is my absolute favorite writers’ conference. Besides the wonderful workshops, continuing education classes and learning about the latest in the publishing industry, it’s like a huge family reunion. … Continue reading

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