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An Unexpected Opportunity

By Mary Lou Cheatham Do you ever find a review of your novel that you wish would go away…simply disappear from Amazon…and not be there when you visit your product page next time? As writers seeking to improve our skills … Continue reading

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Author Influencer and Reader Groups: Why Do Readers Join?

By Carrie Fancett Pagels The writing life isn’t just about sitting in your cave pounding out a stellar book. Writing lifestyles includes book promotion. So what makes a reader want to join an influencer/reviewer group? Terminology: Influencers promote an author … Continue reading

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So You Got a Bad Review?

by Maggie Brendan You’ve put your heart and soul into your novel and finally hold the first copy reverently in your hands-then the reviews come. Some good, others bad. You feel like it’s a personal attack. So why do we … Continue reading

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Christian Novels and Things that Go Bump in the Night

By D.L. Koontz “Christian authors should never touch this topic!” “Thank goodness – something fresh that isn’t afraid to push the edge.” “Clearly this author doesn’t know her Bible.” “I love how she wove spiritual truths throughout the story.” You … Continue reading

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