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Conference Tip: Rest Before You Arrive

If at all possible, be rested before you get to the conference. I know this is hard because there’s so much to do to get prepared, but make a list of tasks to be completed-business cards, pitch sheets, packing, etc.-then get it done early. Try not to spend the last night before you fly out worrying about if you have everything you need. Sleep if you can. Yeah, right! lol

Pam Hillman

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One Response to Conference Tip: Rest Before You Arrive

  1. Deena says:

    As I look over the list of authors represented here…I’m in awe! I love so many of you (even the one I haven’t read). Thank you for sharing your talents and gifts with the rest of us through your writing and publishing.

    If you ever need someone to help promote your work, or to offer a review, I’m your gal. I absolutely adore Christian authors and want to do all I can to help:-)