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Conference Tips: Finding God and Friends

This is for those who are new to ACFW conferences and those who are teetering on the edge of decision. To go or not to go.

Go. I urge you. If you signed up, you will be forever glad that you did. This will be my fourth ACFW conference (the only kind I’ve ever gone to) and I have “take-away” value from every single one. Socially, network wise, and spiritually.

Be prepared to see God working. He goes to the conferences too. You can feel Him. He’s in the worship sessions, he’s in the classes when the light bulb goes on (in your head or someone else’s) and he’s in the prayer room as well as those little groups gathered to fellowship and/or pray in the hallways and in the lobby, and in the rooms. He spoke to me in the hallways a lot last year. And let’s not forget the Harp and Bowl.

It’s okay if you don’t make every class. If you need to catch a few moment to yourself. I suggest the prayer room (wish I’d known about it the first year in Denver) or even a nap in your room. If you worry about what you missed, share notes with a friend or better yet, purchase the MP3s.

The people in the airport will think you’re strange, but once you get to the hotel you will be amongst brothers and sisters just like you. Then people will think we’re all strange, but at least it will be a group judgment and not a personal one. 🙂

Pamela James

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