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Conference Tips: Snippets from Ane Mulligan

Wear comfortable shoes. Now if you’re a shoe freak like me, you’ll
carry a spare pair in your tote bag. :o)

Dress in layers. Air conditioning may get the room too cool for you,
so have a light sweater or a long sleeved shirt to slip on. And on the
other hand, if you’re prone to power surges, have a tank top for your
bottom layer.

If you require protein at breakfast, you can purchase yogurt in the
little Starbucks shop. I bring granola bars along to supplement the
continental breakfast.

These practical moments are brought to you by Mom. :o)

Ane Mulligan

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2 Responses to Conference Tips: Snippets from Ane Mulligan

  1. Julie Carobini says:

    Thanks, Mom 🙂 Um, how “little” is that Starbucks shop? Something tells me it’s going to be busy…

  2. Pam Hillman says:


    The Starbucks is small, but I never had more than 2 or 3 people ahead of me. What’s your fav?

    Ane, what’s that white mocha thing called again…with extra what? That’s what I always get. Yum!