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Conference Tips: Surrounded by Cyber-Friends

For some of us, conferences blur from one year to another. It’s hard to remember every one we’ve met, even a year ago, even someone we sat next to at dinner.

For the first three times I saw Kristin Billerbeck, I introduced myself. Finally, she kindly said, “I know.”

So, as you prepare for the conference, understand that people you don’t remember will remember you. And people you remember might not recognize you – no matter how hard you laughed during that hallway conversation.

Have grace for one another. Assume the best. Introduce yourself to everyone.

Rachel Hauck

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One Response to Conference Tips: Surrounded by Cyber-Friends

  1. Pam Meyers says:

    LOL, exactly that happened to me a year or two ago. A woman ran up to me and screamed “Pam! It’s so good to see you again.” Then she wrapped her arms around me in the biggest hug. I hugged back and said “Good to see you too,” not knowing who on earth she was. Her face looked a little familiar but that’s all. I did eventually figure out who she was and you can be sure I won’t forget her name anymore LOL.