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Continuing Education Sessions

As part of your conference registration options, you will be given the choice of one Continuing Education Session track to follow throughout the conference agenda.

As you review the options, you will see that each class is marked with a Level. The Levels are a tool to help you determine which classes will be most beneficial FOR YOU. These same Levels are also used to help you select Workshop Electives. You can find Course Level Definitions by clicking HERE, or you may also use the link provided in the navigation menu to the right.

After reading the Level Definitions, note the workshops and sessions you most want to attend and have it handy when you complete your registration. Please note, some Level E classes have requirements the presenters have set for attending those classes. All other classes are open to anyone; the Levels are merely to help you determine the type of instruction to expect.

IMPORTANT NOTE You are encouraged to study the sessions carefully before registering. In an effort to be as environmentally responsible as possible, handouts for sessions will not be available onsite. You’ll receive handouts for your sessions via email the week prior to conference. If you purchase the complete syllabus, that electronic syllabus will be included in your registration packet.

CE Session -  CE 1 – Level A: Write Your Novel in a Month

    Title: Write Your Novel in a Month
    Level: A
    Presented by: Jeff Gerke

Whether you’re gearing up for NaNoWriMo or just wanting a complete overview of the process of writing a novel (quickly or not), this is the class for you.

CE Session -  CE 2 – Level B: Power and Heart of a Novel

    Title: Power and Heart of a Novel
    Level: B
    Presented by: Gail Gaymer Martin

Power and Heart of A Novel presents the differences between conflict, emotion and tension and the techniques to use these elements of fiction to enhance the story and hook the reader.

CE Session -  CE 3 – Level C: Forensics and Crime Fiction

    Title: Forensics and Crime Fiction
    Level: C
    Presented by: Jennifer Dornbush

This series of classes takes writers through a mini-Crime Writer’s Boot Camp, where they will gain the upper hand on how to blend authentic crime investigation with tips and techniques that Hollywood
scribes employ to give their crime dramas worldwide success.

CE Session -  CE 4 – Level D: Screenwriting for Novelists

    Title: Screenwriting for Novelists
    Level: D
    Presented by: Rene Gutteridge

This session is a specially designed course for novelists to learn about the unique craft of screenwriting and the adaptation of novels into scripts.

CE Session -  CE 5 – Level E: Creative Marketing Strategies

    Title: Creative Marketing Strategies
    Level: E
    Presented by: Janice Thompson, Kathleen Y'Barbo, and Anita Higman
    Prerequisites: At least one contracted book

This one-of-a-kind session from three multi-published authors will introduce authors to a variety of fun/creative strategies for marketing and selling their published books.

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You must be at least 18 years old to attend conference without a parent/guardian present with you at all times.

Participation of an individual presenter, agent, editor, or publisher in the ACFW conference does not constitute endorsement by ACFW. Conference attendees are advised to use due diligence and take personal responsibility when choosing industry professionals with whom to schedule appointments or enter into agreement.

August 20, 2014: Late Registration rates in effect. - September 1, 2014: Walk-in registration rates go into effect.