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Course Level Definitions

As you review the Continuing Education Session and Workshop Elective options available for this year's Annual Conference, you will see that each class is marked with a Level. The Levels are a tool to help you determine which classes will be most beneficial FOR YOU.

ACFW provides the following Level Definitions to help you determine the type of instruction to expect at each Level.

Please note, some classes will have requirements the presenters have set for attending those classes. Please respect these prerequisites. All other classes are open to anyone.

Level Definitions

Level A

    Writers who are starting out, who have attended 1-3 conferences, have completed 0-3 manuscripts, and are getting a handle on the publishing industry would benefit most from these classes. Classes will cover the basics elements of novel and proposal writing as well as how to submit finished manuscripts, and meet agents and editors.

Level B

    Writers who have been studying the craft for a while and have become strong writers, are receiving some requests for full manuscripts, but are getting rejected and haven't acquired an agent will benefit from this track. Classes will delve deeper into strengthening the elements of a good manuscript and proposal as well as help identify the areas a writer needs to improve to help advance his/her career.

Level C

    Writers who have gotten requests for complete manuscripts with revisions from agents and editors, and have possibly made it to committee but are still receiving rejections will benefit from these classes. Your writing is strong, you're ready for publication, editors and agents are watching you, but that elusive contract has not yet been offered. In these classes you will learn the next step to publication as well as continue to strengthen your prose and publishing knowledge.

Level D

    Writers who are published or recently contracted will get the most from these classes. You're still struggling with balancing your life with your new writing career and trying not to be stressed while meeting deadlines. Classes will also cover organization, marketing, public relations and speaking, and the business side of writing.

Level E

    Published authors with several books will benefit most from the community of writers gathered in these classes. While the main goal of these workshops is to learn about craft or marketing in a new or improved way, it will also be a gathering place for published writers to exchange ideas.

You must be at least 18 years old to attend conference without a parent/guardian present with you at all times.

Participation of an individual presenter, agent, editor, or publisher in the ACFW conference does not constitute endorsement by ACFW. Conference attendees are advised to use due diligence and take personal responsibility when choosing industry professionals with whom to schedule appointments or enter into agreement.

August 20, 2015: Late Registration rates in effect. - September 1, 2015: Walk-in registration rates go into effect.