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ACFW Book Club

The ACFW Book Club gives fans of Christian fiction the opportunity to communicate with each other, chat with ACFW authors, and discuss books.

Book Club participants are invited to join an e-mail group set up to facilitate announcements and host discussions about the current reading selection. Members will be eligible for monthly free book drawings. To join, send a blank e-mail to or visit and click "join this group." You will receive a confirmation e-mail after joining. Follow the instructions given in the e-mail to complete your subscription to this e-mail list.

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    Sofia’s Tune

    By: Cindy Thomson

    Genre: Historical Romance

    Published by: Independently Published

    In Sofia’s Tune, we meet Sofia Falcone, a young woman who has
    been living in New York only a short time when she is stunned to discover a
    family secret, one that soon sends her beloved mother into a mental
    institution. Scrambling to keep her job and care for her mother, Sofia is
    convinced confronting the past will heal all wounds, but her old world
    Italian family wants to keep the past in the past.

    During this time, she encounters Antonio, a Vaudeville pianist with a street-smart dog, seeking to discover why his father was mysteriously killed. Their crossed paths uncover a frightening underworld in Little Italy. Bringing the truth to light may cost Sofia’s mother’s sanity, Antonio’s career, and the livelihoods of countless immigrants. Change is on the horizon, but it may not bring what they expect.