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Who We Are 2003

January 2003 brought a new Noble Theme Contest Coordinator. Sandra Moore took the helm and announced the guidelines for the 2003 contest.

The Expert List was kept up to date by Robin Bayne. As membership increased, so did this valuable resource for members.

In February, Linda Mae Baldwin handed over the baton as Birthday Greeter to Kaye Dacus. Kaye added her own special touch to the greetings with a poem for each announcement. Also in February, DiAnn Mills resigned from the Advisory Board and Deb Raney was asked to take her place.

On March 11, Kathleen Y’Barbo resigned as treasurer of the Operating Board and on April 3, Susan May Warren was appointed as treasurer.

During April, Tracie Peterson stepped down from the Advisory Board and Karen Kingsbury accepted an appointment to Tracie’s seat on the Advisory Board.

By May excitement regarding the National Conference in Houston was building. Vice-President Rachel Hauck named Patty Hall as the Publicity Coordinator for the event. In June, Secretary Lynette Sowell announced the first ACRW Conference Scholarship program. Ten scholarships were given to applicants selected according to their expressed financial need.

By August 16, ACRW membership had increased to 366.

Thanks to the increase in membership, which in turn increased the number of e-mail loop participants, a new e-mail loop called Fun & Fellowship Loop began. The Free Day Saturdays were abandoned as all such e-mail would take place seven days a week on the F&F loop. The regular loop remained for writing and prayer-related posts only.

The Operating Board and Advisors met jointly in Houston, prior to the beginning of the National Conference. On September 18-21, 2003, the Second Annual ACRW National Conference convened in Houston, Texas, at the Marriott Hotel located next to Bush International Airport. Keynote speaker Robin Lee Hatcher inspired attendees to fully commit their writing to God. ACRW Board members and others met to pray individually with those who wanted prayer about their writing careers and other concerns.

The conference coordinator was Vice-President Rachel Hauck with her assistant Allison Wilson. The committee consisted of Tammy Alexander, Sandra Moore, Carrie Turansky, Diana Urban, and Martha Rogers.

The 2003 Noble Theme and Book of the Year winners were announced at the conference.

Also in September, Gayle DeSalles announced that due to relocation across the country she was stepping down as List Hostess. In November, Sandra Moore exchanged duties with her assistant Lianne Lopes. Sandra moved to assistant webmaster and Lianne took over as webmaster.

On December 1, ACRW founder Lynn Coleman resigned as Advisory Board Leader and Andrea Boeshaar was appointed to take over the Advisory Board chairperson position, henceforth called CEO. Colleen Coble agreed to join the Advisory Board.

Also in December, Volunteer Coordinator Patty Hall introduced four new volunteers to the membership: Newsletter Editor Lisa Tuttle; List Hostess Kim Sawyer; E-Mail Loop Coordinator Meredith Efken; and ACRW Historian Amber “Tiff” Miller.

ACRW membership increased to more than 400 during 2003.


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