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Sarah Salter One of the reasons that I waited so long to begin my personal novel journey was because I believed that writing was something that I would have to do in isolation. I believed that I wouldn't have any support or help. I was so wrong!! When God finally broke through my hard head and made it clear that I was to rewrite my screenplay into a novel, I went to Google and searched, "Christian Fiction Writing" and it brought me to you (ACFW). And here I am! And oh, how my life is infinitely richer! I have fallen in love with writing again. And I have found a great big group of cheerleaders! I am fully supported and far from isolated. Sarah Salter

ACFW Testimonials

What am I getting from ACFW? I get amazing support, encouragement, direction, and guidance. There's a plethora of amazing people who have the experience and willingness to answer questions. Through ACFW, I gained all my critique partners, made best friends, met/signed with my awesome agent, and have even garnered my first book contract. Ronie Kendig