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Who We Are 2006

ACFW’s new book club started off the year with Colleen Coble’s Black Sands. Also during the first month of 2006, Barbara Huff agreed to be the Forum Administrator on the ACFW Website.

January saw ACFW’s first official chapter established called “Writers of Inspirational Novels” or WIN, located in Tulsa, OK in the Southwest Zone.

In February, the Atlanta area took chaptering to heart with “Writers of Remarkable Design” or WORD and “Visions in Print” or VIP became an ACFW local chapter in March.  Also in March, ACFW members living in Indiana established the Indiana Chapter of ACFW.

In March, a Scholarship Fund was established for members and others to contribute to. The previous ACFW Scholarship Program would continue but with the extra money from the dedicated Scholarship Fund, the program could be enhanced beyond what ACFW could budget.

In March the Operating Board held a face-to-face meeting at the Marriott-Addison in Dallas where the 2006 National Conference would be held. Sydney Zech, Conference Coordinator, also attended. The Board was able to see the facilities and choose the menus as well as discuss other points of business.

In April, ACFW’s first Conference Sponsorship Program was inaugurated with an e-mail blast sent to prospective sponsors for the 2006 Conference. April also saw another ACFW chapter birthed in the land of the Rocky Mountains with “Heavenly Inspired Story Writers” or HIS Writers. Wynn-Wynn Publicity was hired to promote the 2006 conference.

By May ACFW had six official chapters with the formation of the DFW Ready Writers in Dallas. Then on May 2nd, ACFW welcomed its 1000th member, Tracy Bartlett, by sending her a complimentary box of signed books and giving her a one year complimentary membership.

June brought about personnel changes. Meredith Efken stepped down as Head Moderator and Cindy Woodsmall gave up her List Hostess duties. Jennifer Tiszai and Heather Tipton agreed to fill their shoes—Jennifer as a moderator and Heather as List Hostess. Tiff Miller stepped down as web support and was replaced by a team of volunteers under Lisa Tuttle’s supervision.

In June 2006, Tracey Bateman stepped down as president and the Advisory Board asked Rachel Hauck to step in as interim president until elections would be held in the fall.

After several years of the same web design, the ACFW website underwent a re-design and the public side of the website debuted first. The new ACFW gender-neutral colors of Black and Gold/Tan were incorporated into the design along with a new logo.

Plans for the 2006 Conference in Dallas occupied most of the summer. As of July 29, 300 people had registered for the event.

On September 20, 2006, the Operating Board met alone and then with the Advisors in a combined meeting at the Marriott-Addison in Dallas.

On September 21, the 2006 ACFW National Conference opened. Liz Curtis Higgs served as keynote.

For the first time, sponsors partnered with ACFW to help financially with the conference. Sponsors for 2007 were Zondervan, Peterson Ink, Waterbrook, Faith Words, KMK Enterprises, and Steeple Hill.

With a sense of Academy Award-like anticipation, conferees, many in formal attire, sat down to an elegant gourmet meal at the Awards Banquet.

Pam Meyers announced Lena Nelson Dooley as the 2006 Mentor of the Year. Lena was presented with an engraved award.

Robin Miller announced the winners of the Book of the Year

*The Overall Book of the Year was Distant Echoes by Colleen Coble.
Camy Tang announced the winners of the Genesis Contest.

The top five scoring entries across categories were to be sent to the FaithWords editorial board, and the overall winner chosen would receive a $500 cash prize from FaithWords (formerly Warner Faith).Only four finalists were sent to the FaithWords editorial board because one entrant withdrew late in the contest.

The four FaithWords finalists were:



Christina Miller - TWILIGHT 

Marian Merritt - LEGACY OF GRACE

The Overall Winner of the 2006 Genesis Contest was: Marian Merritt for Legacy of Grace

The conference closed out on Sunday with a presentation from the ACFW Newsletter team. The newsletter was about to undergo a facelift. The newly designed on-line newsletter named Afictionado was ready for viewing on the Internet.

In September Sydney formed a conference committee team to start plans for the 2007 Conference. Lisa Tuttle agreed to work as a paid contractor, maintaining the website after her term ends in December.

A new board position of Zone Officer to oversee the chapters was created. It was agreed that the number of Advisory Board members did not have to equal that of the Operating Board and with the addition of this new board member the Advisory Board would not be adding to their ranks as well.

In October Andrea Boeshaar and Kristin Billerbeck stepped down from their Advisory Board positions. Colleen Coble assumed the duties of the CEO.

In October President Rachel Hauck announced that nominations were open for Board elections. In November, elections opened for the positions of President, Vice President, Volunteer Officer, Publicity Officer and Zone Officer. The terms for Pam Meyers as Secretary and Peg Phifer as Treasurer would continue for one more year to allow for the staggering of terms as agreed to in 2005.

On November 30th the 2007 ACFW Operating Board was slated as follows:

President – Robin Miller 
Vice President—Pamela James 

Volunteer Officer - Michelle Hutchinson 

Publicity Officer - Cara Putman 

Zone Officer - Ane Mulligan 

Secretary - Pam Meyers 

Treasurer - Peg Phifer

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