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Who We Are 2008

The 2008 Operating Board was elected as follows:

• President – Robin Miller
• Vice President – Pamela James
• Volunteer Officer - Michelle Hutchinson
• Publicity Officer - Cara Putman
• Zone Officer - Ane Mulligan
• Secretary - Pam Meyers
• Treasurer - Pam Hillman
• Membership Officer - Becky Yauger

Becky Yauger took over the new position of Membership Officer, handling all membership duties formerly conducted by the treasurer.

During January, Sara Mills resigned as Critique Group Coordinator and was replaced by Linda Rondeau. Tiff Coulter stepped down as the Online Course Coordinator. Tiff was replaced by Sharon Lavy.

Camy Tang once again agreed to coordinate the Genesis Contest and Ronie Kendig signed on to coordinate the Book of the Year awards.

The Scholarship Program for 2008 was announced early in the year. For the first time, the awards consisted of full scholarships, including a transportation allowance. Five scholarships were awarded.

In March, the Advisory Board and Operating Board traveled to Minneapolis to hold their spring meetings at the Sheraton-Bloomington, site of the 2008 National Conference.

More chapters began during 2008, including the Idahope Chapter in Idaho and the Louisiana Christian Fiction Writers.

In May, Melanie Dickerson took over the reins of the ACFW Book Club from Michelle Rodgers.

June brought the birth of ACFW’s 20th chapter when a new group formed in Richmond, VA in the Mid-Atlantic zone, and in August another new chapter formed in Houston.

On September 18-21, the ACFW National Conference was held at the Sheraton-Bloomington, in the greater Minneapolis area. The Early Bird presenters were Margie Lawson and for the published authors, Allen Arnold and team. Over 400 members gathered to hear keynote speaker Angela Hunt, pitch their stories to top editors and agents in the industry, and receive education in the craft of writing. On Saturday afternoon, more than 100 authors gathered in the rotunda area of Mall of America for a panel discussion and massive book signing. This unprecedented event drew many fans to the mall to have their favorite books signed and to meet the authors, and drew many new readers of Christian fiction.

On Saturday evening, members and their guests attended the annual Awards Banquet. Winners of the Genesis contest for unpublished authors and the Book of the Year contest for published authors were announced. Also honored at the 2008 Awards Banquet:

Janice Thompson—2008 Mentor of the Year
Kelly Mortimer—2008 Agent of the Year
Krista Stroever, Steeple Hill—2008 Editor of the Year
Sharon Lavy—2008 Member Service Award

During December, Cynthia Ruchti stepped down from Topic of the Week Coordinator to prepare for her new position as president of ACFW. Syndi Hawkins took over as the new TOTW Coordinator.

By the end of 2008, ACFW had grown to approximately 1699 members.

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