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  • CLI Stories for Christmas

    ACFW has an opportunity to impact even more readers with our novels. Now through November 1, 2014, we’re conducting an ACFW-wide “STORIES FOR CHRISTMAS” initiative to provide hope-giving reading material for men and women behind bars through Christian Library International at  A printable flyer can be found here.

    Christian Library International serves adult and youth prison inmates by providing Christian books and other materials to prisons, jails and youth detention centers. The materials are shipped directly to chaplains who distribute them by means of a lending library, a book cart, or by personally giving them to the inmates. Christian Library International reports that “God matches up just the right book with just the right inmate at just the right time!”

    Whether published or unpublished, ACFW members can contribute a copy/copies of published Christian fiction. Members are asked to mail their books directly to CLI. The organization advises that if you want to contribute multiple copies of a title, please send one copy first, since their reviewers screen all material for content fitting for the prison populations they serve and the prison guidelines under which they operate.

    Children’s Christian fiction is welcome, too. Some prisons are incorporating programs to videotape prisoners reading to their children, in an effort to keep family relationships intact even when a parent is behind bars.

    Publishers may also want to participate in ACFW’s “STORIES FOR CHRISTMAS” initiative. Please know authors or publishers are individually responsible for shipping books to the distribution center. The cost of shipping is part of your contribution.

    Mail books to: CLI, 3800-A Hillcrest Drive, Raleigh NC 27610.

    ACFW has prepared a mailing insert you can include with your book or books to let Christian Library International know that your donation is part of ACFW’s “STORIES FOR CHRISTMAS” program. Find the mailing insert here.

    Please send your books no later than November 1. Take a moment right now to pray for these stories to reach the hearts of those who are so hungry for hope. When you have mailed your book/books to the above address, please send a short email to so the ACFW leadership team can keep track of the number of members who participate and the number of books sent. Thank you for your generosity.