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Author Interviews

  • <p>Beth Shriver</p>

    Beth Shriver

    Childhood memories of her grandfather’s ranch came alive as Beth Shriver wrote her first Amish story. Her parents grew up in the country, so she understands pastoral life and respects those who make a living off the land.  She frequents a nearby Amish community just south of Fort-Worth for an occasional church service or brunch with the bishop and his wife. And on the way home she stops at the community store to get some plum jam!

    In 2003 Beth began writing her first book. A couple of years later it was published and she has been writing ever since. Beth received a degree in social work from the University of Nebraska and was a case worker before starting a family. Beth and her family live in Texas after moving from their first home in Colorado. She followed her passion and has written in a variety of genres in both fiction and non-fiction.