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Author Interviews

  • <p>Cara Putman</p>

    Cara Putman

    I graduated from high school at sixteen, college at 20, and completed my law degree when I was 27.
    My writing journey started in 2005 when I decided to write my first novel. Now I have eleven books published with more on the way.
    People say I’ve accomplished a lot and that I must have life by the proverbial tail. Hardly! I grew up as a homeschooled kid when homeschoolers were misunderstood and oddities.
    I struggle with balancing my writing and law career, plus being a good mom and wife.
    I often fear people won’t like my books.
    I’ve walked through the deep pain of miscarriage.
    Really, I’m just like you – I don’t have it all together and have gone through tough times. But in His strength, I’ve discovered a strength I never knew I had. A strength I want you to discover, too.
    In the end I’m just an ordinary mom who has seen God do some wonderful things as I’ve been obedient to step into the calling He’s led me into.