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Author Interviews

  • <p>Cheryl Wyatt</p>

    Cheryl Wyatt

    Cheryl Wyatt’s closest friends would never dream the mayhem she plots during announcements at church. She is a Registered Nurse-turned-stay-home-mom, wife, and writer who loves Jesus with all of her heart.

    Joyful chaos rules her home, and she delights in the stealth moments God gives her to write. She stays active in her church and in her laundry room. She is convinced that having been born on a Naval base on Valentine’s Day destined her to write Inspirational Military Romance, though her latest novel, an Inspirational Medical Romance with military elements, has also found God making use of her previous career as a Registered Nurse.

    Cheryl’s readers are responding favorably to this change. More than one reviewer of her latest book, The Doctor’s Devotion, made comment regarding her level of personal medical knowledge having added a great deal of realism to her already award-winning story-telling abilities.