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Author Interviews

  • <p>Ellen Kennedy</p>

    Ellen Kennedy

    Ellen Edwards Kennedy (aka E E Kennedy) grew up in Miss Prentice’s region of far northern New York State and lived with her husband and children across the South and West. This has given her a deep love for these areas and a sharp ear for regional accents. Through high school and college, she performed in summer stock, briefly nursing the vain dream of becoming a Broadway musical star, but eventually made a career as an award-winning TV/radio advertising copywriter. Her recent experiences as a high school substitute teacher make her uniquely qualified to translate obscure adolescent dialects into understandable English. Along with the Miss Prentice Mysteries, she is the author of a Christian romance novella, The Applesauce War in the anthology Harvest Home from Barbour Books. She lives with her husband near Raleigh, North Carolina.