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ACFW Volunteer Spotlight

In our Volunteer Spotlight this week is D’Ann Mateer. I wanted to thank her for coordinating the Young Adult category for the Genesis Contest. She has done a terrific job and we appreciate it. Also D’Ann has volunteered at our annual ACFW conference.

As I’ve said before, I invite anyone else who has something to share about the volunteers in the spotlight to please post to the loop.

Thanks, D’Ann. The Genesis Contest has been a success because of volunteers like you.

Margaret Daley
ACFW President

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One Response to ACFW Volunteer Spotlight

  1. Anne Mateer says:

    Oh, wow! I was just scrolling though my Google reader and saw my name! I love giving back to ACFW because I know I would not be published today without others who have given of their time to make this organization what it is today!