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Book Review: “Husband Material”

Title: Husband Material
Author: Annette M. Irby
Publisher: White Rose Publishing
Date: Feb 2012
Genre: Contemporary Romance
Reviewed by: Patricia Woodside

Café owner Lara Farr has had her heart broken such that she’s not in the market for romance. Her focus is on finding ways to build her restaurant’s clientele. Marketing consultant Wyatt Hansen is a widower, also not looking for love. Except, sometimes, love happens when it is least sought. A chance meeting followed by another, both instances on Valentine’s Day, lays the foundation for a budding romance between these two-that is, if Lara and Wyatt can each look past the pain of their pasts.

Although Wyatt lost his wife, Lara seemingly has the greater hurdles to finding love again. If Wyatt can convince her to take a chance-on his marketing ideas as well as his feelings for her-Lara just might find him to be the man she needs.

In Husband Material, Annette Irby writes with a purity that soothes. Within the brevity of her short tale, she entices readers to root for both the hero and the heroine, to eagerly seek their happily ever after. Though both characters seem to take more of a leap than a journey toward love and happiness, perhaps due to the constraints of novella length, Irby’s prose makes their sweet romance both plausible and satisfying.

I look forward to reading more-and in longer format-from Irby.

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One Response to Book Review: “Husband Material”

  1. Looks like another author to watch for. Although i love the short LI series, i do prefer the novels, because you get to know the characters better. Thanks for sharing your great review.