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Conference 2008

It may seem like conference is forever in the future. It doesn’t start until September 18 after all. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. Plans are well under way to make this one of the best if not the best ACFW conference to date.

The Conference Planning Committee is hard at work praying over and evaluating more than 200 applications to teach Late Night Chats and Workshops at the conference. The caliber of applications is amazing.

The Conference Sponsorship Committee is hard at work getting ready to invite companies to partner with us on the conference.

The Conference Scholarship Program has opened. There are five full scholarships available for members of ACFW. If you need assistance, this can be a wonderful vehicle to help.

The Book of the Year and Genesis contests are both open and accepting applications. The winners will be announced at the Banquet on Saturday night at conference.

And this doesn’t count all the conversations with the hosting hotel, Barnes & Noble, and Mall of America to ensure everything is on track and set to make this a wonderful conference experience for all attendees.

So please pray for the boards and volunteers as we work to make all of these committees and contests a success for you.
So much work is going

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One Response to Conference 2008

  1. susansbooks says:

    This is just an FYI comment. Actually, Return to Baragula is book number 1 in the Baragula series. I am in the middle of the tedious process of trying to get this book from Ark House right now. This book will be followed by Outback from Baragula and Justice at Baragula. Mary wrote to tell me that there are some language differences in these books to be aware of. I am SO looking forward to finally getting the first one.