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Continuing Education Sessions

As part of your conference registration options, you will be given the choice of one Continuing Education Session track to follow throughout the conference agenda.

As you review the options, you will see that each class is marked with a Level. The Levels are a tool to help you determine which classes will be most beneficial FOR YOU. These same Levels are also used to help you select Workshop Electives. You can find Course Level Definitions by clicking HERE, or you may also use the link provided in the navigation menu to the right.

After reading the Level Definitions, note the workshops and sessions you most want to attend and have it handy when you complete your registration. All classes are open to anyone; the Levels are merely to help you determine the type of instruction to expect.

IMPORTANT NOTE You are encouraged to study the sessions carefully before registering. In an effort to be as environmentally responsible as possible, handouts for sessions will not be available onsite. You’ll receive handouts for your sessions via email the week prior to conference. If you purchase the complete syllabus, that electronic syllabus will be included in your registration packet.

CE Session -  CE 1: Story Sense: Creation by Design

    Title: STORY SENSE: Creation by Design
    Level: ALL
    Presented by: Allen Arnold and Kristy Cambron
    Description -

    God invites us to taste and see that He is good – awaken the (7) STORY SENSES in your writing, and bring new life the stories you create.

    Workshop Outline -

    God invites us to taste and see that He is good – inviting us to activate our senses to fully experience Him in all His wonder. Those fully awakened senses will bring new life to the Story you are living and the stories you create. In this session of the senses, you will learn how to:

    - Discover the difference between Creation by Design and Creation by Default
    - Understand the science, art, and heart of each Sensory Component
    - Grow in Intimacy with God through the greater awakening of your (7) senses: SIGHT, SOUND, SMELL, TASTE, TOUCH, TIME, SOUL
    - Utilize StorySense to enhance your novel’s content, characters, and cover design
    - Infuse your writing with new-found emotion and energy by changing the atmosphere of your world
    - Experience the senses in new ways through interactive classroom activities

    Information Video:-

CE Session -  CE 2: Secrets to Great Writing

    Title: Secrets to Great Writing
    Level: Freshman
    Presented by: Carrie Stuart Parks
    Description -

    Learn eighteen simple tools to mastering your manuscript.

    Workshop Outline -

    The problem is . . .Separating the story from the tools Writing tools to be explained (and found in their own works as brought to the session:)

    1.  Priceless writing.
    2. James Bond and meeting new people (backstory.)
    3. Tag, you’re it (what is a tag and what is a beat and why do you care?)
    4. Growling and other strange ways to speak.
    5. That.
    6.  In Spite Of (unnecessary words.)
    7.  Can you see me now?
    8.  Don’t it make your brown eyes blue… (descriptions.)
    9.  Primary
    colors (don’t be boring.)
    10. As
    11.  Emotions
    12. Long or short (writing tension)
    13. Reader abuse
    14.  Because
    15. By the way, Bob
    16. I’m thinking
    17.  External-internal
    18. The right order (MRU)

    Information Video:-

CE Session -  CE 3: Peeling Back the Curtain on Publishing

    Title: Peeling Back the Curtain on Publishing
    Level: Sophomore
    Presented by: Cara Putman and James Rubart
    Description -

    If you’ve wished for a comprehensive overview of the entire writing world, instead of getting it in just bits and pieces, join award winning authors Cara Putman and James L. Rubart as they peel back the curtain on everything you’ve always wanted to know about publishing if you could only ask.

    Workshop Outline -

    Behind the Publishing Curtain: Everything You Need to Know About the World of Publishing

    • Building Community/Networking (Jim) .75
    a. Brothers in arms, building a team of supporters, pray with you, brainstorming, the people
    b. Spiritual element
    c. Timothy/Paul/Barnabas relationships

    • Craft- handouts (Jim) 1.0 hours
    a. Deep POV, unique ideas, believable
    b. Research, layers and threads, how do you self-edit, the things you need to look at 15 minutes on each of those 1 1/2 on craft
    c. Our favorite writing books
    d. Get MP3s
    e. Websites
    f. Conferences

    • Agents/contracts (Cara) .5 hours
    a. Rights revision
    b. Cross collaterilzation
    c. Options
    d. Royalties

    • Editors (Jim) .5
    a. How to find Exceptional Editors
    b. Three types of Editors
    c. How to work with editors so they rave about you
    d. When you and your editor don’t get along
    e. How to disagree with your editor and still like each other
    f.  The three things you must do with every editor

    • Timeline to Publishing/Indie Publishing (Cara) .5
    a. The essential steps of every book, macro, line, copy, page proof, cover design, in indie you are becoming the publisher
    b. Indie/Hybrid Publishing: a quick glance at what it means to be your own publisher.

    • Social Media (Cara) .5 hours
    a.  What’s your purpose for being on social media
    b.  Which social media is your best fit?
    c.  What do you hope to add on social media

    • Platform/Marketing (Jim) 1.0 hours
    a. What marketing is (and isn’t)
    b.    Websites
    c.    Branding
    d.    Shocking BROCA
    e.    Content is king, dictator, etc

    • Q & A

    Information Video:-

CE Session -  CE 4: Intermediate Self-Publishing - Getting to the Next Level

    Title: Intermediate Self-Publishing
    Level: Junior
    Presented by: Lacy Williams
    Description -

    It isn’t that hard to get into self-publishing—just post your book to Amazon’s KDP program. What’s hard is getting to the next level. Join this workshop to learn strategies for how to create consistency in your income and cultivate a following of rabid fans. Course also includes an in-depth discussion on subsidiary rights.

    Workshop Outline -

    *Why it’s not enough to publish with a “set it and forget it” model
    *Subsidiary rights = additional income streams - audiobooks, print-on-demand, foreign rights, movie/TV rights
    *Planning & production schedules
    *Advanced email list building
    *Other marketing strategies

    Information Video:-

CE Session -  CE 5: The Book Funnel Method: Build Your Platform and Sell More Copies

    Title: The Book Funnel Method:
    Level: Senior
    Presented by: Caleb Breakey
    Description -

    Gather valuable leads, keep people engaged, and create lifelong readers.

    Workshop Outline -

    Session 1: Gathering Leads Through Social Advertising

    Facebook and Twitter algorithms are constantly changing, and the amount of people you reach can vary greatly, even if you have a large audience. Learn how to guarantee the right people see your posts.

    • Targeting your key audience through sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
    • Using Facebook retargeting to capture valuable leads
    • How to get people into your sales funnel

    Session 2: Making Free Content Work for You

    They say “nothing in life is free,” and it’s true. If you’re giving away anything—a free chapter, a free video, even a free book—you should have long-term goals for how they’re going to benefit you. Find out how to make the most of this content.

    • How I built a targeted email list of 3,000 on a limited budget
    • Making the most of the content you give away
    • Getting people hooked on your book before they buy it

    Session 3: Turning Leads Into Lifelong Readers

    Getting someone’s email address, sending them a free chapter, even selling them your book—these are all just the beginning of your relationship with new customers. Learn how to keep bringing them back for more.

    • Using email autoresponders to keep subscribers engaged
    • Creating content for membership websites
    • Staying engaged with your audience

    Session 4: Planning a Successful Book Launch

    Writing your book is only half of the equation—you have to actually sell it. Find out how to gather a launch team, create social proof, and focus on the long-term success of your book.

    • Gathering a support team
    • Finding quality book reviewers
    • Keeping people excited after the initial launch period

    Information Video:-

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