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April 2011

ACFW Book Club: Doubling Up!

ACFW Book Club imageI know you love to read—you are writers. But do you really like to read? And having read, do you enjoy discussing what you’ve read with others? If so, ACFW’s Online Book Club is for you!

And now is a great time to join because beginning in May, the ACFW Book Club will read and discuss two books every month. (For May those books are Miralee Ferrell’s Love Finds You in Tombstone Arizona and Shawna Williams’ In All Things.)

You may ask “Why?” To which I say, “Why not?” Who wouldn’t want to read and discuss 24 books and authors each year instead of 12?

This is a big change and something I, as the ACFW Book Club Coordinator, couldn’t tackle on my own. Nine additional book club assistants have been added to the discussion mix. They’ve stepped up to help lead discussions on the Book Club loop and write reviews for Afictionado.

Promoting our books

The ACFW Online Book Club exists is to promote ACFW members and their books. The club also helps members get to know authors and books in-depth through author-participatory discussions. Plus, there will now be eight giveaways each month, thanks to our generous authors!

We’ve had an amazing selection of books submitted for consideration. The ACFW Book Club has a set schedule of genres we read through in a year and members vote on books that are submitted. Voting is tough, but with reading two books per month it’s just gotten a lot easier.

Submitting your book

Are you an ACFW member interested in submitting your book for the book club? If your book is newly released and/or will release sometime this year, you could be a candidate for submission. Check out the ACFW website to see the approved publishers list. If your publisher is on the list, we’d love to receive your submission.

After you’ve submitted your book and it’s up for vote, I will notify you so you can “rally the troops” to vote for your book. But remember, you must be a member of the book club to vote on book selections—even if it’s your book we are voting on.

Becoming a member of the ACFW Online Book Club is fun, free, and easy. Sign up here.

So, do you want to join in the fun? I’d love to see you there!


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