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August 2011

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Out of Control book coverMary Connealy’s Out of Control.

ACFW Book Club Review: Out of Control

ACFW Book Club ImageTitle: Out of Control (The Kincaid Brides)
Author: Mary Connealy
Publisher: Bethany House
Genre: Historical romance
Release date: August 2011
ISBN: 978-0764209116
Reviewed by: Shawna K. Williams

In September, the ACFW Book Club will read two books. One of them is Out of Control by Mary Connealy. Join now to read this book with Shawna K. Williams and other book club members.

Connealy gently weaves in the faith element as both characters explore their faults and motives.

Stern and responsible Rafe Kincaid is haunted by memories of a terrible accident deep within a cavern on the property of Kincaid Ranch, which claimed his brother’s sanity, his mother’s spirit, and his courage. Rafe wants to repair his family, but he must first revisit the cave and try to make peace with his past. Instead, he stumbles upon trouble in the form of a beautiful woman trapped inside a dark pit—and he discovers danger when he realizes she was left there intentionally.

Out of Control book coverJulia Gilliland is adventurous, independent, and has a one-track mind to the point of recklessness. She’s found solace for the years of abandonment and verbal abuse at the hands of her father through reading about scientific discoveries and exploring. When she stumbles upon ancient fossils deep within a cave, she determines to study them so she can earn a living writing articles and care for her stepmother and sister.

On one of her outings, Julia is left stranded, and a mysterious man, Rafe Kincaid, comes to her rescue. As much as Julia loves the cave, Rafe hates it. The draw they feel to each other mirrors their love/hate feelings for the cave: When they aren’t kissing, they’re fighting. As Rafe and Julia struggle with their feelings, they must also hunt for the danger lurking deep within the cavern’s walls. While doing so, they uncover an ancient mystery—as well as a hidden past.

Out of Control is a story about finding balance. Rafe and Julia are young, passionate people torn between the responsibilities of caring for the families they’ve grown up in and starting a new beginning with each other. But is that even possible when they continually butt heads? The story is full of humor, adventure, romance, and conflict mixed with a dose of suspense. Connealy gently weaves in the faith element as both characters explore their faults and motives. I definitely enjoyed this light-hearted and fun read.

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