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May 2011

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ACFW Book Club Review: Seeking His Love

ACFW Book Club ImageTitle: Seeking His Love
Author: Carrie Turansky
Publisher: Steeple Hill
Genre: Inspirational romance
Date: October 2010
ISBN: 978-0373876297
Reviewed by: Rachel Bradford

In June, the ACFW Bookclub will read two books. One of them is Seeking His Love by Carrie Turansky. Join now to read this book with Rachel Bradford and other bookclub members.

Turansky spices up the story by throwing in supporting characters who introduce conflict and misunderstanding.

Seeking His Love by Carrie Turansky, an ACFW Bookclub selection for June, is a light and fun read with a compelling message of love and forgiveness. The story begins when the heroine, Rachel Clark, tries to sublet space for her Christian youth theater from the handsome and enigmatic Cam McKenna. Cam is alternatively brusque and charming, stimulating a muddle of annoyance and attraction in Rachel.

Seeking His Love Book CoverCam, a naturally loving and kind man, struggles with inward demons of guilt and fear. He avoids children as a rule, but when he must unexpectedly care for his teenage niece for the summer, he accepts his charge without hesitation. With Rachel’s help, he learns to relate to his niece and accept the joys and frustrations of children in his life. In return, he helps Rachel cope with the consequences of hiding from her own secrets.

I enjoyed Rachel and Cam’s sweet romance. It was easy to relate to their initial shyness at expressing their newfound emotions. The protagonists were thus personable and endearing. Additionally, Turansky spices up the story by throwing in supporting characters who introduce conflict and misunderstanding that must be resolved by Rachel and Cam.

Turansky’s vibrant protagonists illustrate how good and loving people can inadvertently alienate their loved ones in an attempt to hide from their pasts. Seeking His Love relates a message of love and forgiveness in the face of fear, lies, and gossip. More importantly, it demonstrates God’s eternally unconditional love. More than just a romance between people, Seeking His Love is a romance with God.

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