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September 2011

Reviewer: Christy LaShea Smith

Christy LaShea SmithChristy LaShea Smith began writing at the age of 10 on her granny’s electric typewriter. In 2009, Christy won the Genesis in the Contemporary Romance Category. Christy lives in Georgia with her husband and two children, serves as treasurer for ACFW’s W.O.R.D. Chapter, and is a member of RWA. Visit her website.

Carol Award: Long Historical Romance: Finalist: Courting Morrow Little

Courting Morrow Little coverTitle: Courting Morrow Little
Author: Laura Frantz
Publisher: Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group (Andrea Doering, Editor)
ISBN: 9780800733407
Category: Long Historical Romance
Reviewed by: Christy LaShea Smith

Courting Morrow Little was a surprise delight. From the depth of character and story, to the author’s word choice and description, I was intrigued from the first page.

The story opens with Morrow as a child, trailing after her older brother on her parent’s land. She’s a typical youngster, easily distracted by the cool flowing river and ripe wild berries along their path. Her innocence is lost moments later when the Shawnee attack her home.

This story, rich in characters of varying backgrounds, mirrors what can happen when we learn to obey God.

Raised by her aunt on the East Coast, Morrow returns to her childhood home in Kentucky, a grown woman at the age to be married. She is still haunted by the day her mother and baby sister were killed. That day was also the last day she saw her brother alive.

Morrow is introduced to several suitors, yet the man who attracts her, who stirs in her forbidden feelings, is the one whose bloodlines are not only white, but also Shawnee. 

Now, Red Shirt and Morrow must face the history that is between them just as much as the attraction and feelings that may never die.

Morrow and Red Shirt face much opposition. During a historical time when their union is forbidden, when there is so much tender, painful history between them, this couple is brought together by a shared love of Christ and the strength of forgiveness. Is anything impossible when the Lord’s hand is in it? 

This story, rich in characters of varying backgrounds, mirrors what can happen when we learn to obey God and leave the consequences in His hands. Courting Morrow Little is a story of love, against all odds, and complete forgiveness.

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Laura FrantzLaura Frantz’s Courting Morrow Little

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