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September 2011

Reviewer: Darlo Gemeinhardt

Darlo GemeinhardtDarlo Gemeinhardt lives in Alabama with her husband of 32 years and nine assorted dogs. She has two grown children and 4 grandchildren. She teaches 3 - 5 grade Sunday School. A member of SCBWI she is currently working on a series of middle-grade/tween novels set in the 60’s.

Carol Award: Mystery: Finalist: Mirrored Image

Mirrored Image coverTitle: Mirrored Image
Author: Alice K. Arenz
Publisher: Sheaf House (Joan M. Shoup, Editor)
ISBN: 9780982483275
Category: Mystery
Reviewed by: Darlo Gemeinhardt

Reporter Cassandra Chase, assigned to cover a local murder, finds her life taking a new direction when she discovers the victim bears a remarkable resemblance to herself—a mirrored image. Jeff McMichaels, the detective working the case, is drawn to Cassie and would like to pursue a relationship, if he can keep her alive long enough. Jeff believes Cassie was the intended victim.

The story is a delicious combination of fast pacing and intriguing well-developed characters.

Alice K. Arenz’s Mirrored Image will have you looking over your shoulder and locking your doors. The story is a delicious combination of fast pacing and intriguing well-developed characters.

Arenz keeps the reader guessing and builds excitement and anticipation with so many plot twists and red herrings your head will spin. This is the first suspense I’ve read where almost every character is a suspect and every character has a secret.

The story takes place in 1986, the decade after Vietnam. The setting has enough description to create a feel for the place and time without being overbearing. Arenz skillfully weaves the back-story throughout the novel, pulling all the threads together in the last pages to create a satisfying conclusion.

Even the cover of this book draws the reader into the story and helps set the mood. Mirrored Image mirrors life and makes you wonder what secret the person next to you might harbor.

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Alice K. ArenzAlice K. Arenz’s Mirrored Image

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