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September 2011

Reviewer: Holly Wolfe

Holly WolfeHolly Wolfe is the President of ACFW’s Great Lakes Chapter in Michigan, owner of a campground and canoe livery and a Licensed Professional Counselor. She writes for various newsletters & newspapers and has completed two mystery/suspense novels. She lives in a small town in northern Michigan with her husband and their German Shepherd Dog, Achilles. If you want to know more about Holly you can find her on Facebook.

Carol Award: Romantic Suspense: Finalist: Don’t Look Back

Don't Look Back coverTitle: Don’t Look Back
Author: Lynette Eason
Publisher: Revell Books, a division of Baker Publishing Group (Andrea Doering, Editor)
ISBN: 9780800733704
Category: Romantic Suspense
Reviewed by: Holly Wolfe

Samantha and Connor are back in this second book of Lynette Eason’s Women of Justice trilogy, and while it’s nice to see them again, it’s not necessary to have read the first to appreciate Don’t Look Back. This time the focus is on Jamie, Samantha’s younger sister, who is a forensic anthropologist, and Dakota Richards, an FBI agent in town on a case that involves the unearthing of multiple bodies.

Eason uses multiple points of view…that kept me absorbed and in the heart of the action.

Jamie is called in to help identify the bones and to her horror discovers that it’s the work of the same killer who caught, raped, and tortured her 12 years ago. All clues indicate he’s back. She escaped once before, but the killer is determined to finish the job this time around.

Don’t Look Back is an intense tale, and Eason’s writing gets better with every book. At its core, the novel is a sweet love story between Dakota and Jamie—one I savored because it isn’t as fast-paced as many other romances. It has a strong touch of reality that is refreshing, and a load of suspense that kept me sitting in my chair, inhaling the pages.

Still a soft suspense without lots of violence or graphic descriptions, Don’t Look Back is set in a comfortable, orderly world but kicked up a notch. Eason uses multiple points of view, including an insightful one from the killer, that kept me absorbed and in the heart of the action. There are nice curves along the novel’s path and the surprises pop up right to the end with a satisfying finale.

Christian themes of forgiveness and trust weave through multiple storylines, and I enjoyed the authenticity of it. Jamie’s strong and resilient, but struggles with her fear. Dakota’s prayers are genuine and he doesn’t get pat, immediate responses, just a build-up to a strong, real relationship with Christ.

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Lynette EasonLynette Eason’s Don’t Look Back

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