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September 2011

Reviewer: Kim Peterson

Kim PetersonKim Peterson has taught college-level writing courses for 17 years. A freelance writer and editor, she also mentors aspiring writers through the Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild. Kim and her husband Sean enjoy living near the mountains in East Tennessee.

Carol Award: Romantic Suspense: Finalist: Pursuit of Justice

Pursuit of Justice coverTitle: Pursuit of Justice
Author: DiAnn Mills
Publisher: Tyndale Publishers (Karen Watson, Editor)
ISBN: 9781414320526
Category: Romantic Suspense
Reviewed by: Kim Peterson

FBI Special Agent Bella Jordan fled her unhappy childhood 15 years ago and now dreads a new assignment that will send her home to West Texas. She must investigate the murders of three men on High Butte Ranch, owned by bad boy Carr Sullivan. If she can muster the courage to confront childhood memories and resolve this crime linked to the Spider Rock Treasure, she will walk away with a promotion—if she survives.

The mix of mystery, suspense, romance, faith, and exciting plot-twists provides a compelling read.

Choosing to further her career, Bella heads to Carr’s ranch to determine his involvement and link him to the primary suspect—a man from her troubled youth. But Carr denies everything and claims the faith he found five years ago changed him. Doubtful at first, Bella soon becomes convinced he’s innocent.

As her focus shifts to clearing Carr’s name, the murderer raises the stakes, threatening Bella and playing tantalizing mind games. She knows who is after her, but who is working with him in pursuit of the treasure? Every lead reveals a new twist, the crimes escalate, and more people die. Bella and Carr must apprehend the culprits before they catch her.

Although the novel feels plot driven, the author also creates an interesting cast. The parade of suspects will keep readers guessing. DiAnn Mills crafts Bella as a strong woman, dodging bullets and other threats, facing an appalling past, and examining her soul as she assesses the genuineness of Carr’s faith. The mix of mystery, suspense, romance, faith, and exciting plot-twists provides a compelling read as the heroine and hero risk everything in the quest for the Spider Rock Treasure and the pursuit of justice.

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DiAnn MillsDiAnn Mills’s Pursuit of Justice

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