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September 2011

Reviewer: Patricia Woodside

Patricia WoodsideAn avid reader since the Dick and Jane primers, Patricia Woodside enjoys a variety of fiction, reading more than 100 titles annually. She writes reviews for several online review sites and her blog.

Carol Award: Short Contemporary Suspense: Finalist: Legacy of Lies

Legacy of Lies coverTitle: Legacy of Lies
Author: Jill Elizabeth Nelson
Publisher: Love Inspired Suspense (Emily Rodmell, Editor)
ISBN: 9780373444083
Category: Short Contemporary Suspense
Reviewed by: Patricia Woodside

When Nicole Mattson, a recent widow at odds with her grandmother over upgrades to the family fabric store, finds a baby’s skeleton in her deceased grandfather’s rose garden, her attention turns from the family’s financial issues to protecting her grandmother from the ramifications of a crime possibly committed by Nicole’s grandfather.

Legacy of Lies is a heart wrenching yet satisfying page-turner.

Intent on clearing the Keller family name, Nicole reluctantly works with the chief of police, Rich Hendricks, to solve the mystery of the baby’s death. Doing so is painful for Nicole. She wants nothing to do with law enforcement following the death of her police-officer husband in the line of duty.

Legacy of Lies is an intriguing story that grips the reader from the beginning. Who doesn’t want to know how the remains of a baby came to rest in the Keller garden? Nicole’s reluctance to get involved with Hendricks, despite an obvious attraction to him, is understandable. At the same time, law enforcement is in her blood. Her father was a cop, too, so maybe Nicole is drawn to Hendricks by forces beyond her control. Either way, her primary objective is to prove that neither Grandfather Keller nor her grandmother had anything to do with the death of the much-coveted Elling family heir.

Jill Elizabeth Nelson is an author who is great at putting together a fast-paced plot filled with surprising twists. She does a stellar job keeping her readers guessing how the innocent child died and who committed the crime. Along the way, I wanted Nelson to give her readers the opportunity to draw more conclusions on their own, but overall, Legacy of Lies is a heart wrenching yet satisfying page-turner.

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Jill Elizabeth NelsonJill Elizabeth Nelson’s Legacy of Lies

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