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September 2011

Reviewer: Patricia Carroll

Patricia CarrollPatricia “PacJac” Carroll is a member of ACFW and served as secretary for the DFW Ready Writers chapter. She lives in the Dallas-Fort Worth area with her wonderful, supportive husband, and wonder dog, JACS. She writes historical romance, contemporary romance, and more. She loves to write and can’t resist a story when it surprises her and demands to be written. She’s an active member of two critique groups. Visit her online.

Carol Award: Short Historical: Finalist: The Columns of Cottonwood

The Columns of Cottonwood coverTitle: The Columns of Cottonwood
Author: Sandra Robbins
Publisher: Barbour Publishing (JoAnne Simmons, Editor)
ISBN: 9781602604865
Category: Short Historical
Reviewed by: Patricia Carroll

Sandra Robbins has written an interesting and engaging story dealing with the aftershock of the Civil War. Sandra does a good job of showing the hardships those in the South faced, from men changed by war, to the economic difficulties faced by ex-slaves and ex-plantations owners alike. All suffered.

This book is a story of good people faced with hard choices and making a way where there seems to be no way.

Savannah Carmichael wants to pay the back taxes on her plantation home. Dante Rinaldi realizes a long held dream and buys Cottonwood out from under her. She’s heartbroken while his breaks for her. Two good people with opposing dreams. As a reader, you feel for both of them.

The town doesn’t accept Danti, calling him a foreigner and carpetbagger even though he is neither. The death of Savannah’s aunt forces Danti to offer a solution made in heaven. Savannah accepts his offer of marriage, but questions if love will follow. An old friend and flame is angry and adds more tension to the story.

Danti keeps the ex-slaves on the plantation and offers them a chance to work for themselves. This leads to night raids from angry men.

The Columns of Cottonwood is a story of good people faced with hard choices and making a way where there seems to be no way. Grab this book and settle in for an enjoyable read as you cheer for Savannah and Danti.

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Sandra RobbinsSandra Robbins’s The Columns of Cottonwood

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