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September 2011

Reviewer: Holly Wolfe

Holly WolfeHolly Wolfe is the President of ACFW’s Great Lakes Chapter in Michigan, owner of a campground and canoe livery and a Licensed Professional Counselor. She writes for various newsletters & newspapers and has completed two mystery/suspense novels. She lives in a small town in northern Michigan with her husband and their German Shepherd Dog, Achilles. If you want to know more about Holly you can find her on Facebook.

Carol Award: Suspense/Thriller: Winner: Predator

Carol AwardTitle: Predator
Author: Terri Blackstock
Publisher: Zondervan (Sue Brower and Dave Lambert, Editors)
ISBN: 9780310250661
Category: Suspense/Thriller
Reviewed by: Holly Wolfe

I think Terri Blackstock lives in my house and looks over my shoulder. The world she creates in Predator is frightening because it’s real. It’s mine. And yours.

Predator has a strong, layered plot, tight writing, and a story that doesn’t just show you but pulls you deep inside.

The story is about a killer who uses social media to stalk and find his victims before torturing and killing them. Every page made me think about what I do online everyday, what my children and friends do, and probably what you do, too. We post information and revealing pictures on Facebook, Twitter and MySpace for perfect strangers. Only the strangers aren’t so perfect.

Predator coverBlackstock makes the stranger in Predator chilling; the kind who makes you squirm in your chair when you’re reading the story. Perfectly wonderful, if you love a good thriller.

A strong, layered plot, tight writing, and a story that doesn’t just show you but pulls you deep inside. These are the reasons Blackstock has again captured a Carol Award (first time for Intervention in 2010). Predator opens with a compelling scene that ties you to the main character (Krista) and invests you in her emotions. Blackstock is an expert at upping the stakes and adding twists. Her use of multiple 3rd person ratchets the tension to zinging level.  I love when you expect one thing to happen and are completely surprised when something else does.

To find justice for her murdered sister, Krista confronts Ryan Adkins, the CEO of GrapeVyne, and discovers that he isn’t quite as evil as she thought. The two team up to find the killer and along the way try to find answers that plague us all. Where is God when bad things happen? How can I have a ministry if I’m confused myself?  How can I sing songs of praise and protection when it seems that God isn’t protecting the ones I love? 

Blackstock is a master at blending current issues and scriptural truths into a fine tale of suspense.  Predator is a perfect example.

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Terri BlackstockTerri Blackstock’s Predator

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