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June 2011

Reach The End

You finished your manuscript. Congratulations! Reward yourself by submitting your finished manuscript to ACFWs The End Program and receive a badge of honor for your website or blog.

The End Guidelines
1. Must be an ACFW Member who is unpublished as stated in the ACFW Genesis Contest to participate.
2. Manuscript must have a word count of 45,000 or higher.
3. Must be an original manuscript completed on or after 01/01/11.
4. Person submitting the manuscript must have rights to the work.
5. Manuscript must reflect a Christian worldview.
6. Submit completed manuscript to The End Coordinator, Elizabeth (Lisa) Ludwig, via email at

From the President: The End

I don’t physically type the words, The End, when I finish a book, but I feel all the emotions those words produce. There is such relief and joy when I come to the end of a book, even the first draft. It’s euphoric.

ACFW wants you to feel that rush, so we’ve created a new incentive for unpublished writers to finish their books. You can’t sell a book if you don’t complete one. To that “end,” this program encourages writers to finish their books.

The End Website BadgeFor every book you finish, you will receive a badge to put on your blog or website. At the end of the year ACFW will pick at random one writer who has finished a book to receive free registration for the following year’s ACFW annual conference!

Should we make it better? OK. For every book you complete you will receive an entry into the drawing for the paid registration.

Stay in the race

Many people begin a book and never finish. It is hard to write a whole story from beginning to end. Along the race, you face many hurdles that need to be jumped. Sometimes you stumble and go down. Give up. And that is unfortunate when you consider all the help available to you from ACFW.

Therefore, we came up with this incentive for you to complete those manuscripts. Even if you aren’t the winner of the free conference registration, you are still a winner. You will have a complete manuscript to send to agents and editors. You will have accomplished what many people don’t—you will have written a book.

So will you take the challenge and finish your story by the end of the year? See the details in the sidebar.

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