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From the President: Two New ACFW Programs

I brought a new computer recently, and I’m still learning about it. By accident, I will stumble across something I didn’t know and could use.

This got me wondering if that is the way new members feel when they join ACFW. There are a lot of benefits to being a member of ACFW, but if members don’t know where to find them or even what they are, those benefits don’t mean anything and won’t help them. So let’s look at two new benefits.

Newcomers orientation loop

Starting in April we are offering an email loop for people to learn about ACFW, its programs, its Web site, and its benefits. Cara Putman will be the hostess of the loop.

This is where you can go, even if you’re not new, to ask questions and get answers about ACFW. Where do you find information about the Genesis Contest on the Web site? Where do you sign up for next month’s online course? Which program will help you complete a book? What does it mean to cut the tail off an email? Get the answers to these questions—and any others you have—on this loop. Sign up for it in the member’s section.

Friends of ACFW

We are also creating a multi-level “Friends of ACFW” membership. At the time of a member’s annual renewal that person can opt to pay more for their membership in exchange for certain benefits. This is considered a business expense, therefore tax deductible (each “level” price includes the standard $45 annual renewal membership).

  • Bronze Level ($70): As a Bronze member of ACFW, you would receive your name listed on our Web site as a Friend of ACFW, on the slideshow at the ACFW annual conference, and in a listing on Afictionado. In addition, you will receive a special ribbon to wear at conference.
  • Silver Level ($85): As a Silver member of ACFW, you would receive the Bronze benefits plus your Web site URL would be listed with your name on the ACFW Web site, in Afictionado, and on the slideshow at conference. In addition, you will receive two guest posts on the ACFW blog during the year of your membership.
  • Gold Level ($100): As a gold member of ACFW, you would receive the Bronze and Silver benefits, plus a blog or Web site listing on our blog and four guest posts on the ACFW blog during the year of your membership.

The Friends of ACFW fees help ACFW fund programs and additional benefits for the membership, but it also gives the member Web exposure and a tax deduction. Questions? Contact Sharon Lavy at


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