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From The President: Why Do We Write?

“Why do I write?”

Writing for God's GloryYou have probably asked yourself this question at least once since you started writing. Possibly many times—especially when you get a rejection, hit a wall, are blocked, or when you’re not sure another word will ever come out of your mind.

There are many reasons why people write. For Christian writers, though, the most important reason is often to honor the Lord. We write Christian fiction because we want to convey our passion for God.

Jesus taught using parables

What a great way to get the Word out—through stories that show people living their faith and dealing with their problems from a Christian worldview. Or in some cases not dealing with them. That is what separates a Christian author from authors in the secular market.

But there are other reasons we write that are similar to why secular writers write.

We can’t not write

Writing for LoveI experienced this when I tried to walk away from writing after I had sold 20 books. I hit a roadblock and thought it was time to give up. But I couldn’t. An essential part of me wasn’t fulfilled without my writing. That’s a big reason to write. If you don’t enjoy it, you shouldn’t do it. Take a break, if you need to recapture that joy—but you will have to come back.

Other reasons

  • Money: Don’t laugh. Some authors are blessed to earn a living. A lot don’t, but do earn extra money to help meet family budgets. Getting paid is a valid reason to write—and to write consistently.
  • Feedback: I love getting emails and letters from readers. Hearing how my story affects them keeps me going through difficult times. There isn’t anything better than to hear I’ve helped a person through a problem.

I’m sure there are other reasons people write; but why do you write? Knowing that will help you keep on track.

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