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July 2011

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A Time To Love Book Cover
A Time to Love by Barbara Cameron.

Genre City Review: A Time To Love

A Time To Love Book CoverTitle: A Time to Love (Quilts of Lancaster County Series One)
Author: Barbara Cameron
Publisher: Abingdon Press
ISBN: 978-1426707636
Genre: Amish
Release date: October 2010
Review by: Laura V. Hilton



If you love Amish fiction, then A Time to Love is a good one to consider.

A car bomb explodes, injuring Jennie King while on assignment as a war correspondent in a foreign country. She suffers devastating injuries that may leave her without even her job. Recovering at her Amish grandmother’s house, Jennie struggles to regain the most basic tasks, such as walking, talking, and eating.

Matthew Bontrager and Jennie used to be friends when they were younger, though she is English and he, Amish. He has since married and has three children. When his wife dies, Matthew is crushed, but doesn’t let his grief stop him—he has to keep going.

When Jennie renews her acquaintance with Matthew, she wonders if God has a different plan for her life. Will Jennie and Matthew bridge the culture gap between them?

Jennie, struggling to find her place as she heals from her injuries, and scared about going out in public with the scars on her face, also suffers from nightmares caused by her experience. Matthew is a sweet, kind hero, who goes beyond her expectations in trying to help her.

A Time to Love is the first full-length Amish novel by Barbara Cameron I’ve read, though I’ve read two of her Amish novellas published by Thomas Nelson. The story is written well, but the characters felt a bit flat to me. I think she does better on her shorter stories, but this is still an enjoyable read.

If you love Amish fiction, then A Time to Love is a good one to consider. Discussion questions, a preview of Cameron’s second Amish novel, and a glossary are included. She also includes yummy Amish recipes.

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