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May 2011

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Genre City Review: Destiny’s Dream

Destiny's Dream coverTitle: Destiny’s Dream (Book 1, Solomon’s Gate series)
Author: Delia Latham
Publisher: White Rose
Genre: Inspirational romance
Date: December 2010
ISBN: 978-1611160451
Reviewed by: Lisa J. Lickel

From the first time Destiny May meets her hero, you won’t want to set this story down.

Delia Latham serves up another sweet romantic winner in book one of the Solomon’s Gate series. From the first time Destiny May meets her hero, you won’t want to set this story down. Destiny gives up a career and social life to care for her dying mother. At age 31 she finds herself orphaned, single, and jobless, except for an independent business idea and the extremely lukewarm support of her brother, sister, and community.

Destiny meets her own destiny at her mother’s funeral. When investment broker Clay Gallagher crashes the service, he doesn’t realize he’s in the wrong place until he’s made several disparaging remarks.

Destiny has had enough mourning and uses Clay as her means of escape to a much-needed cup of coffee and conversation. From then on, it’s a giggle fest in all the wrong places. How Clay and his handsome brother have managed to escape marriage in a small town is a wonder, even after you get to know their delightfully kooky mother.

Destiny’s dream? Oh, just your average run-of-the-mill Christian dating service named Solomon’s Gate. The customers? You’ll have to read the book to meet them. There’s danger, romance, and general mayhem throughout this charming book. Just how much trouble could there be in a small-town Christian dating service, anyway? Thank heavens for angels, laughter, and good fun. The next two books in the series are already scheduled for release. The line starts behind me.

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