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August 2011

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Lillian Duncan's PursuedLillian Duncan’s Pursued

Genre City Review: Pursued

Lillian Duncan's PursuedTitle: Pursued
Author: Lillian Duncan
Publisher: White Rose Publishing
Genre: Romantic suspense
Release date: July 2011
ISBN: 978-1611160925
Reviewed by: Lisa J. Lickel




Lillian Duncan’s story, Pursued, is deliciously romantic and breathtakingly paced.

Young attorney Reggie Meyers would rather dodge lawyer jokes than tossed luggage, bullets, car bombs, and a vengeful former boyfriend, but when a fender-bending cowboy comes to her rescue, she’s ready to be saved—in more ways than one.

When Reggie returns to Cleveland from a disastrous business meeting, her woes have only begun. She’s smacked in the head with a shoulder bag at the airport, then swerves to avoid a dog in traffic, resulting in an accident that entangles more than bumpers on the day before Thanksgiving.

Dylan Monroe is better than average, all around. He’s got everything a girl could want—dreamy looks, winning personality, and a loving family who invite Reggie to share their holiday. The ex-Marine turned dairy-farmer even knows how to disarm a bomb—something that comes in handy when someone is trying to kill you.

Reggie and Dylan go on the run together when it appears the police can’t pin down her assailant. Worse yet, Reggie has no idea why anyone would be after her. Reared in a series of foster homes, Reggie hasn’t been a lawyer that long and deals mostly with business contracts. Dylan introduces her to a mysterious friend from his past who uncovers not only a probable suspect, but also the motive, and helps her get to the bottom of her problems, once and for all.

Shocking events from her past surface, leading Reggie on a journey of discovery—not only of what she’s made of and who she is, but more importantly, whose she is.

Duncan’s story is deliciously romantic and breathtakingly paced. Her characters are wonderfully portrayed. I was drawn into Reggie’s plight from the moment an ex-English teacher businessman drops her firm over a misplaced word. Readers who enjoy some great kissing in between bullets and prayers will enjoy Pursued.

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