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Genre City Review: Reluctant Prophet

Reluctant ProphetTitle: The Reluctant Prophet ( The Prophet Series)
Author: Nancy Rue
Publisher: David C. Cook
Genre: Contemporary Women’s Fiction
Date:  October 2010
ISBN: 978-1434764966
Reviewed by:  Darlo Gemeinhardt




This book is one sweet ride from beginning to end. Read it, then live it.

Before Nancy Rue begins a novel, she forms a question she hopes to answer in the course of the story. In The Reluctant Prophet she asks, “What would happen if you truly did ‘the Jesus thing’ and obeyed God—whether you wanted to or not?” 

Allison Chamberlain, a forty-plus unmarried lady, has been a model Christian—since her conversion to Christ seven years ago. She attends church and takes part in regular Bible study. She lives on a perfect street, lined with perfect houses. She lives an ordinary life in an ordinary neighborhood.

Until she gets The Nudge. From God. To buy a Harley.

Rue moves the reader from laughter one minute, to anger at the injustice that is happening with smooth transitions. Her pacing pulls the reader forward deeper and deeper into the story.

Rue’s vivid descriptions of the prostitutes and druggies in the tale allow readers to experience not just their world, but also their fears, their smells, their heartache, and their deep-seated desire to change.

Looking for a way to handle cursing in your stories? Rue does a great job of getting the intent across in dialogue without even once using an actual curse word.

Reluctant Prophet is one sweet ride from beginning to end. Read it, then live it. You just might find yourself answering The Nudge.

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