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Genre City Review: Seeds of Summer

Seeds of Summer imageTitle: Seeds of Summer ( Seasons of the Tallgrass, Book 2)
Author: Deborah Vogts
Publisher: Zondervan
Genre: Inspirational romance
Date: June 2010
ISBN: 978-0310292760
Reviewed by: Darlo Gemeinhardt



Deborah Vogts gives us well-developed characters facing situations common to many.

At first I found the heroine in Deborah Vogts’ Seeds of Summer unlikeable and struggled to read the next page. But the deeper I delved into the novel the more real and well-rounded Natalie Adams became.

Natalie may be a former rodeo queen, but she is also a hurting young woman whose shoulders bear the burden of taking care of two younger half-siblings while trying to save the family ranch.

When Jared Logan, the town’s handsome new pastor, comes to her rescue, she refuses his help at first. But his persistence pays off, and she begins to see him in a new light when she really needs him. Jared has problems of his own—a congregation that resists change—and he begins to question his own choices.

Once again Deborah Vogts gives us well-developed characters facing situations common to many of her readers: The unexpected death of a loved one, the trials of a teen, and the need of a boy for his father’s companionship.

Deborah Vogts’ love for Kansas and the Flint Hill region is evident in every description. Again, horses play an important role in the story, and her first-hand knowledge of the lifestyle shows in the details as the character Natalie goes about the daily routine of running a ranch.

Natalie Adams must choose between following her own dreams and taking on the responsibilities of a family. Which will she chose? Will the Seeds of Summer grow into love, forgiveness, and faith? Realistic. Romantic. Revealing.  And recommended. 

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