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May 2011

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Genre City Review: Where The Jewels Are

Where The Jewels are coverTitle: Where the Jewels Are
Author: Diana Symons
Publisher: Gold Pen Press
Genre: Inspirational Children’s Fiction
Date: June 2010
ISBN: 978-1934995020
Reviewed by: Laura Hilton

What they find is the one thing they didn’t know they were missing.

Once upon a time, there was a princess who was very beautiful and had everything she ever wanted. But this princess wanted more and more and more. And sometimes, when she didn’t get her way, the princess became sullen and unkind.

One day the princess wanders up into one of the towers of the castle, where she notices a man and a strange machine she has never seen before. She finds that she can gaze at the stars through it; then she tells her father she wants a jewel that sparkles like the stars.

The father is quiet for a while, and then sends the princess and her servant on a quest to find the sparkly jewel. What they find is the one thing they didn’t know they were missing.

Where the Jewels Are is a cute book for children, ages 6 to 11, and is the first book in the Tales from the Throne series. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this well written book and gave it to my 8-year-old daughter, who couldn’t put it down until she finished it.

Not only is this an excellent story but it also teaches a valuable lesson. If you are looking for a children’s book to help fill some summertime hours, then be sure to pick up Where the Jewels Are.

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