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October 2011

Reporter: Joy Avery Melville

Joy Avery MelvilleJoy Avery Melville is a member of ACW since 2008, a member of ACFW since 2010, and writes inspirational Women’s Fiction. Joy won a short story contest with her Carren’s Storm. A member of MBT and ACFW Great Lakes Chapter (MI), Joy formed Crits & Edits Loop for her state chapter.

Editor: Elizabeth Ludwig

Lisa LudwigElizabeth Ludwig is an award winning author, speaker and teacher, and often attends conferences and seminars where she lectures on editing for fiction writers, crafting effective novel proposals, and conducting successful editor/agent interviews. She is the owner and editor of the popular literary blog, The Borrowed Book. To learn more about Elizabeth and her work, visit her.

Spotlight on: Abingdon Press

Abingdon Press logoIn the Abingdon Press Spotlight, Ramona Richards, editor, shared a short video overview of Abingdon and what they publish, including books by ACFW members Krista Allen, Bonnie Calhoun, Melody Carlson, Margaret Daley, Yvonne Lehman, Loree Lough, Vanessa Miller, and Cynthia Ruchti.

Relatively young press

Ramona RichardsAlthough Abingdon still considers themselves a young press, they are looking for debut authors who will give them a “different voice.” Richards (right) said Abingdon is less conservative than most CBA publishers. Their desire is to be less overtly spiritual in tone so as to not offend readers but still hold good moral character content.

Abingdon’s desires

They are looking for unique voices and quirky, unusual styles with unexpected humor. They want the piece to show depth and realistic emotion. This is especially true in the romance and women’s fiction categories with 85-95,000 words.

Changes at Abingdon Press

Abingdon is changing markets by beginning to look at speculative fiction and YA contemporary styles. Two series will be drawing to a close, but the company is projecting a quick release market beginning in 2012 with the Quilts of Love Series and their new Book-Per-Month program. Some shorter Women’s Fiction and the Cozy Mystery styles are being phased out.

While Richards was adamant about not being interested in any vampire, end-time, angels, demons, or spiritual warfare stories, she did say books with a specific marketing hook are usually welcome. One such novel by Yvonne Lehman, Hearts That Survive coincides with the anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic. Other specific historic event stories coinciding with their anniversaries will be considered if they also follow the Abingdon guidelines as to style, voice, and content.

One of the newer publishing styles Abingdon is actively seeking is steam punk—a style similar to that of the recent Sherlock Holmes movie. Abingdon will also look at using multiple and first person POV combination books, but they must be well written. Even as unique as that type of writing is, it has to be accompanied by other criteria stated above.

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