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July 2013

Mike DellossoMIKE DELLOSSO is the author of numerous novels and short stories. He recently released his latest book, Fearless. He is also a popular conference teacher, speaker, and writing coach. Mike lives in southern Pennsylvania with his wife and four daughters. Visit his blog and check out his books on Amazon.

ACFW Journal Extra: Fear’s Name: Creston Mapes

Editor’s note: In the July 2013 issue of ACFW Journal, author Mike Dellosso chatted with fellow author Creston Mapes about his writing journey—the latest step of which is his new book Fear Has A Name, releasing this month from David C Cook. Here is more of that conversation.

Why did you decide to write fiction in addition to your freelance work?

Creston Mapes

Mapes: I did not become a Christian until I was about 28. Prior to that, I had lived a life quite opposite to that of a Christian. I had seen and done a lot of things that were extremely ungodly, things I regret, but that are part of my past.

After becoming a Christian, I realized I wanted to use my creativity and writing skills to share God’s transforming power with the world through story. Since I had experienced so much drinking, drugging, carousing, and getting into trouble I figured I could write about such things with realism.

How have you grown as a writer? As a person?

Mapes: I think the evangelism in my books now arises more from the grassroots of the story. I would love for this new series to “crossover” in a big way into the ABA.

Each book along the way has specifically reflected where I am spiritually. As Christians we have dry times and thrilling times and those feelings and struggles and triumphs are lived out through my characters.

As an artist, I feel the quality is really coming now, again, because I’ve had great teachers/editors. Frankly, I am ready for a bestseller and a blockbuster series. If readers give this new book one page, one minute, I think we will have them hooked.

How do you know you’re called to write?

Mapes: It’s something I haven’t been able to quit, even with my heavy workload. I will point out, however, that I try my best not to let it interfere with my family. But even keeping the specific hours I do, it’s still difficult to get out of your mind sometimes. I often think about my stories even when I’m not working.

I’ll keep writing as long as the calling is still there. And I still believe God is going to open the floodgates. I say that because I believe in the quality of the stories. They are unique. They are thrilling. And God has given them to me to write. And I fully expect Him to make them bestsellers.


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